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Horsham Road

The Horsham Road was laid out in 1735, from Montgomeryville to Norristown Road along one of the parallels of Thomas Holme's map.

Holmes ran parallel lines northwestward from the Delaware River at intervals of one and one-half miles; each alternate line established a division line between townships. The intervening lines formed median or base lines within the townships, from which individual grants of land were measured. County Line forms the township border on the north and Welsh Road on the south. Horsham Road runs through the middle.

Horsham Road was originally known as the Montgomery Road, it came to be known as the Horsham Road around 1800. During the early years of this century, Horsham Road was commonly known as Cowpath Road, and still retains this name at Montgomeryville in Montgomery Township.

It is mentioned in a deed of 1748, that one corner of the property was marked by “a Black Oak standing in the middle of the road from Horsham to Montgomery.” 39

Horsham Road is now part of Pennsylvania Route 463 (PA 463), a 12.9-mile-long (20.8 km) route from PA 63 (Welsh Road) in Hatfield Township to its eastern terminus is at PA 611 in Horsham. PA 463 was designated in 1928 and fully paved by 1940. 51

In 2018, Horsham received a $3 million grant from the state to widen Horsham Road and improve the intersection at Horsham and Limekiln Pike intersection.

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