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Village of Davis Grove

The barn shown above belong to Hannah Davis Saunders who is shown here on horse back. The Golden Ball Inn is across the street to the left. Mrs Saunders home is in the distance.

Map of Horsham 1893 showing the village of Davis Grove donated to HPHA by Beverly Choate
photo of Golden Ball Inn with 2 horse drawn carriages in front

The Golden Ball Inn was located in Davis Grove. The last building was built in 1787 but there are references to the Inn and an earlier tavern existing at this location and to Sir William Keith's acquaintances staying at the inn during his governorship.118 p31. (We also have some physical evidence from our metal detectors indicating another tavern along Governor Road not far from the gate to Graeme Park. Our evidence is from the revolutionary period). After 1857 the Inn was converted to a private residence and may have served as the post office.

A real estate listing dated July 31, 1904 may have been for the Saunder's property; Two acres, house, 9 rooms, barn, out buildings, $2600 (Philadelphia Inquirer, July 31, 1904 2nd Section page 6)

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