photo of front porch on Penrose Strawbridge farmhouse with colonial and modern US flags
photo of front porch on Penrose Strawbridge farmhouse with colonial and modern US flags
Penrose Strawbridge House

Morris and Mary Penrose

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Not much is know of Morris Penrose. He was born on March 14, 1860, the second child of Abel and Sarah Penrose. Morris never married but did become the 4th generation of Penroses to farm Graeme Park. His sister Mary married William Carothers on April 16, 1913. Carothers was 23 years older and died 2 years later. Mary returned to Graeme park following his death. She died in 1953.

When Morris' father Abel Penrose died on July 10, 1893 his will directed that the property could be purchased by his two sons, Morris B. or William Penrose, either jointly or individually, for the sum of $25,000. if neither son wanted to purchase the land, it remained in the control of Abel's wife Sarah, until their daughter Sarah reached the age of 21. At this point the executors were instructed to sell the farm at public sale to the highest bidder.

Apparently Abel's daughter Hannah had borrowed money from him and at the time of his death this debt was considered uncollectable. This , plus the effects of the farming depression in the late 19th century, left Abel's estate in arrears $5,025 at the time it was settled. Sarah B and Morris B Penrose petitioned the court to alter the will to allow them to remortgage Graeme Park. Perrmission was granted and Abel's sons Morris and William obtained a loan and cleared the debts of the estate in 1895. Morris then farmed the estate for the next 25 years.

Welsh Strawbridge purchased 190 acres in two parcels from Morris B Penrose on the behalf of the estate of his father Abel in 1920. These parcels contain both the Keith House and the 1810 Penrose Strawbridge House

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