photo of restored 1718 Carpenter Indenture
photo of restored 1718 Carpenter Indenture
1718 Carpenter Indenture

1718 Samuel Carpenter Indenture

Samuel Carpenter Indenture

HPHA recently was gifted the original Indenture dated 3 Feb 1718 in which Samuel Carpenter's estate transfers his land holdings in Horsham to his wife and children.This document was included as part of a generous donation by Mr. Joseph H. (Buck) Penrose Jr. HPHA, with generous support from the Friends of the Horsham Library, had the Indenture professionally restored and preserved.

An Indenture is:

a deed or agreement executed in two or more copies with edges correspondingly indented as a means of identification.

This Indenture shows the indented edge along the top, and along the bottom the signatures and wax seals of each party. This is a rare find and a fascinating piece of local history. It has been displayed at the Horsham Library and at the Horsham Tricentennial Gala. It is currently on display at the Penrose-Strawbridge House.


Transcription by volunteer Emery Schoenberg. refers to text which was not decipherable.

This Indenture Tripartite made the Third __________ day of February In the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighteen Between Hannah Carpenter of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Pennsilvania Widow Robin and Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Samuel Carpenter late of the same place of the first part Samuel Carpenter of the City (one of the sons of of the second Samuel Carpenter Son). John Carpenter of the City (the other son of the Samuel Carpenter Son.) and William Fishbourn of the City Hannah his wife daughter of the Samuel Carpenter of the part Andrew __________ Hamilton of the City Esq __________ of the third part Whereas there is a certain Grant of Land situate part in the County of Philadelphia and part in the County of Bucks containing Five Thousand and Eighty Eight Acres Which of Land With the Appurtenance thereto belonging was Granted and Confirmed unto the Samuel Carpenter his and in and by a certain patent or instrument under the hands of Edward Shippen, Giffith Owen, Thomas Story and James Logan Pate Commissioners of property of William Penn proprietary and Governour in Chief of the province and proprietory Seal To hold to him the Samuel Carpenter his and forever Having therefore unto the proprietary his and the Yearly of one English Silver Shilling For every hundred Acres and so proportionably and by the patent bearing date the Twenty Sixth day of May Anno Doii One Thousand seven hundred and Six Recorded in the of __________ Office of Philadelphia in Patent Book Appears By Force and Virtue of patent or by Force and Virtue of some other good Conveyance or in Law only had and exicuted by Samuel Carpenter in his Lifetime lawfully Siezed in the of of and in a certain parcel of Land hereinafter described (part of the Grant of Five Thousand and Eighty Eight Acres) Together with the Appurtenances and the Samuel Carpenter being so thereof seized made the Last Will and Testament in Writing bearing safe the Sixth day of the month called April Anno Doii One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fourteen And thereby (but alia) Devised in these words. That is to say, Also I nominate and Appoint my dear wife Hannah Carpenter Sole Executrix during her life And From and immediately after her decease my Children Samuel Carpenter John Carpenter William Fishbourn and Hannah his wife Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby Impowering and fully Authorizing my said wife and Sole Execut. my other Executors after her decease or any Two of them and the Survivor and Survivors of them and the Executors of the Survivor As well to Grant convey and all or any such and as are or shall be by me Sold but not Actually Conveyed in my lifetime to any person or persons whatsoever there and forever. As also to Grant Bargain Sell and Convey to any person or persons his her or forever All or any of my Lands and whatsoever or wheresoever situate lying and being not by me sold in my Lifetime,, And Further amongst other things of the Testator willed in these words, that is to say, and in case of any Sale of any of my lands and Real Estate as aforsed. Seal and Deliver any Deed or Deeds Writing or Writings and requisate Solemnities, as in and by the Testament being thereunto had more

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Samuel Carpenter

Samuel Carpenter was born in Horsham, Sussex, England and was baptized there on 20 November 1649. He purchased 5,000 acres of land from William Penn - and was likely the wealthiest and most powerful person in the colony of Pennsylvania behind Penn. 4200 of these acres were in what is now Horsham Township, PA, Horsham was established as a municipal entity by a vote of the people in 1717 and named after Carpenter's birthplace.

Carpenter's estate was held liable for £2,000 that had been promised to the queen - in lieu of sending soldiers to fight against the French in Canada - in 1709. To settle this debt, 1200 acres, most in Horsham, was sold and somehow became the property of Deputy Governor Sir William Keith. This land became Keith's estate which he called Fountain Low. it was later acquired by his son-in-law Dr Thomas Graeme who renamed it Graeme Park. Graeme Park still exists but has been reduced to 42 acres which is now owned by the state, The National Historic Landmark c1722 Keith House is located here, and the restored c1721 Penrose Strawbridge House is located several hundred yards away on part of the original estate that is now owned by Horsham Township.

photo of Samuel Carpenter

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