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Thank you to Bill Spingler and Steve Gillman for arranging a generous donation from Rustoleum
  • 14 gallons of 9168402
  • 14 gallons of 9101402
  • 24 gallons of 9865419
  • 24 quarts of 9801501
  • <\ul> This will be used to paint the tin roof on the 1849 Barn
3 gallon cans of Rustoleum paint stacked

White's Electronics

Thank you to DJ Yost (DJDigs) and White's Electronics for donating 4 pin pointer metal detectors for our recent metal detecting event with Southeast Pa Recovery Group. HPHA raffled these off to the group for nice cash donation.

DJ Yost | Facebook: DJDIgs | Instagram @DJigs | [email protected] |Blog: www.djdigs.net

photo of White's trx metal detector

Bird Houses

Local woodworker Tom Cuppa heard we needed some bird houses - so he made 4 for us!

photo of 4 birdhouse

Split Rail Fence from Comcast

Comcast gave us a $600 donation towards the cost of a new split rail fence and then supplied a team of volunteers to help install it. April 2018

photo of split rail fence around empty garden

Garden Planters ~ Paulette Shackleton

Paulette Shackleton is not only putting our garden together this year but also donated these beautiful antique planters.

photo of Planters for the garden donated by Paulette Shackleton

c1850s Coal Stove

Shared Services, a non-profit that helps the handicapped, came across a c1850s coal stove and on the advice of our good friend Toni Anne Kistner donated it to HPHA. This stove is very similar to the original stove that had been installed by the Penroses, probably when they built the kitchen addition to the Penrose Strawbridge House in 1858. That stove, which was in use probably up until Mrs Strawbridge's death in 1996, fell apart when we tried to move it in the early days of our restoration.

photo of c1850s coal stove in 1859 kitchen of penrose strawbridge house

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