Youth Aid Panel

Montgomery County Youth Aid Panel

(HPHA also works with the ARD Program. Drug Court and other court ordered community service)

HPHA, as one of the many benefits we bring to the community, is an approved and long-term participant in the Montgomery County, PA Youth Aid Panel (YAP) program.

The Youth Aid Panel is a restorative justice program of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office that provides a second chance for non-violent juvenile offenders in Montgomery County, PA. The program is also in place in other locations throughout Pennsylvania. Its aims are to encourage juveniles to be responsible for their actions, to restore them to the community and prevent future offenses and resultant harm to individuals and the community.

Individuals will typically be assigned by the Youth Aid Panel to work at a specific location. If you have been assigned to HPHA or if you would like to request an assignment here please contact us or 267-679-6177.

Work will be done at The Penrose-Strawbridge Farm and the restoration of the c1721 farmhouse here. The farm is next to the National Historic Landmark Sir William Keith House at Graeme Park and is recognized as a contributing asset to this landmark. The farm is owned by Horsham Township but participation in the YAP program is through HPHA.

Participants may work on maintenance projects such as painting, cutting grass, gardening, building beehives, etc. In some cases where participants have special interests in history or other areas we may design a special project. Our volunteers usually make a positive contribution to our project here and often learn something. Many have come back to visit and some even come back later to volunteer on their own time.

General Rules for Youth Aid Panel Participants

Some general rules and guidelines for individuals working with HPHA under the Montgomery County Youth Aid Panel (YAP) program.

  • You must be assigned by the Youth Aid Panel to work here - YOU CANNOT JUST SHOW UP
  • Participants must first be interviewed and accepted by HPHA. You must be accompanied to this interview by your parents or guardian. If we agree to have you work with us we will discuss the type of work that you will do and set a schedule which will be agreed to by both your parent/guardian and you
  • Check the Directions! GPS doesn't always know where we are - Governor Road is an almost 300 year old gravel road - iplease use the entrance to Graeme Park from County Line Road
  • Wear clothing appropriate for the work you will be doing - if working outdoors bring hats, boots, gloves, sunscreen, etc if needed
  • Bring a lunch or snack

Pete Choate Recognized by Montco Youth Aid Panel

Pete Choate

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