photo of split rail fence around empty garden
photo of split rail fence around empty garden
Our friends at Comcast donated $600 towards the cost of this new spit rail fence and their volunteers installed it around our garden

Volunteer /Community Service

Community Service/Volunteering

Horsham Preservation and Historical Association welcomes volunteers, volunteer groups, and those required to perform community service for school, scouts and other reasons. We are the grateful beneficiaries of around 3,800 volunteer hours each year.

To all those who have helped - Thank You. To all those who may be interested, please contact us~


Individuals looking to meet community service requirements for Scouting, School, other organizations can also work on projects here at the farm. And if you're retired and would like to give something back to the community, come work with us!

Volunteer Groups

We also are happy to welcome community, school or corporate groups to help out at the farm. Recent groups include Comcast and Wyncote Academy.

Community Service - ARD

HPHA works with those with court ordered community service obligations per local courts in Hatboro, Horsham and Upper Dublin, the Bucks and Montgomery County ARD Program and Youth Aid Panel.

Individual Volunteers

Folks with community service or volunteer requirements or School, National Honor Society, Scouts or other groups - or who would just like to get involved with the farm or local history - are always welcome. We always have work to do but if you have a specific interest such as gardening, restoration, bees, genealogy, research, organizing events, etc - we would love to have you.


The Horsham Preservation and Historical Association is a 501(c)3 Community Benefit Organization dedicated to identifying, studying, preserving and protecting the historical heritage, buildings and artifacts of our area. We have a number of active projects (see the projects tab on the menu) but most of our volunteers help us with the restoration and maintenance of the Penrose-Strawbridge Farm. This is also where our office is located.

photo of Pete, Tim, Connor building bee hives at the table in the 1721 room at the Penrose Strawbridge House

The Penrose Strawbridge House

The Penrose Strawbridge House is a c1721 farm house that is both a major historical restoration and maintenance project. It is recognized as a contributing asset to the National Historic Landmark Sir William Keith House which is located about 200 yards away. A lot of the work to restore this property and maintain it on a day to day basis has been with the help of volunteers.

photo of tilled garden

Pete Choate Recognized by Youth Aid Panel

Pete Choate, Executive Director of HPHA, has been selected by the Montgomery County Youth Aid Panel members and the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office to receive recognition for outstanding service to the Montgomery County Youth Aid Panel program in February, 2015

Pete runs our volunteer and community service programs including our participation in the ARD and Youth Panel programs

Pete Choate

We are a Community Benefit Organization!