Court Ordered Community Service

As one of the many benefits we bring to the community, HPHA is an approved and long-time non-profit participant in the Montgomery County Community Service programs. Those who have worked with us through the program have helped the organization in numerous ways around the farm from cutting grass to felling trees, or special projects like building doors and repairing masonry. We have been part of the Community Service program since 2008.

  • Community Service hours assigned by local District Courts in Hatboro, Horsham, Upper Dublin or the county for minor offenses can be completed at our location. Contact us for more information and approvals.
  • The Montgomery County Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”) Program is a program of the District Attorney’s office and supervised by the ARD Officer, who reviews cases for potential admission. ARD is a unique program, approved by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, for first-time offenders who have no prior criminal convictions or prior ARD dispositions.
  • HPHA also works with the Youth Aid Panel for juveniles in both Hatboro-Horsham and Upper Dublin townships. This is a specialized program that requires pre-approvals and unique supervision rules due to the age of the youngsters assigned to it.

Individuals in these programs are given a number of hours of community service that must be performed by some deadline with a participating non-profit organization in Montgomery County. HPHA is an approved non-profit.

FAQs and Rules

Where is the Penrose Strawbridge Farm?

The Penrose Strawbridge Farm is located at 900 Governor Road in Horsham right next to Graeme Park. Your best bet is to use the entrance to Graeme Park which is directly across Township Line Road from the old Happy Tymes. Governor Road is one of the oldest roads in Horsham (1721!) and is still a dirt road. Take a left when you get to the end of the Graeme Park driveway and come up to the big farmhouse on the right. Check the Directions GPS doesn't always know where we are.

Do I need to be pre-approved or can I just show up?

Individuals are either assigned to HPHA by ARD or in some cases are instructed to locate a participating non-profit where they can complete their service. In either case you must contact us to verify eligibility and to schedule your time,
You should have a time sheet from the program which needs to be presented to HPHA before starting.

What type of work will I be doing?

We have a wide variety of tasks that we assign based on your ability and skills such as cutting grass, gardening, and trades work like carpentry, masonry, etc. We also have some clerical tasks or more involved projects such as working with our archives depending on ability and interest.

What should I bring and wear?

  • Lunch/Snack/Drink - no WaWa runs during your scheduled time
  • Wear clothes appropriate for out door work and suitable for the weather
  • Sunscreen

When can I do my service?

HPHA holds community service days, Tuesdays and Saturdays, with some other days, depending on special circumstances, that are open to individuals placed in the Community Service program. If you have 12 hours to do then you can finish them with a week or two.

How do I start?

If you have been assigned and/ or approved to do your hours here then you can usually start the following Tuesday or Saturday - but you must schedule this and have your time sheet. Contact us or cal 267-679-6177 to get started.

We are a Community Benefit Organization!