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Wish List

Our Wish List shows some if the things that we need here at HPHA for our various projects. Donations can be made of specific items, cash donations earmarked for a certain item or project. Cash donations to our General Fund are also greatly appreciated.

Premiums.......DESCRIBE PREMIUMS ... Engraved bricks for any donation $250 or more....

General Fund

Donations to our General Fund are greatly appreciated and will be applied to our most pressing needs.

Document Preservation Project

Document Preservation
display of old documents

HPHA has an extensive collection of local documents, maps, books, photos that we are working to restore, catalog, preserve, and share. These include indentures, maps of the area, local family histories, photos, property records dating back to the 1680's and much more. Our goal is to catalog, restore and preserve the objects that we have and hopefully digitize most of the collection so that the content is readily available and accessible to those interested in studying our past. We are currently organizing and cataloguing the collection and have budgeted this part of the project at $20,000.

Archival Matls
photo of archival boxes
Gift of $250.00

For Archival preservation: quality folders, and boxes “conservation quality” or “museum quality” - acid-free, chemically stable housing materials (as buffered folders, lignin- free folders and boxes), white preservation gloves – conservator recommended. Total Materials $7,000 (HPHA spent $7905 in 2014)

Archive SW
photo of archival boxes
Gift of $100.00

Archival Software Computer software for to database and manage our collection. Cost approx $3000.

Penrose Strawbridge House Restoration/Maintenance

front view of Pennrose Strawbridge House

The Penrose-Strawbridge House is nearly completely restored but we still have a couple of areas in the house needing work – plus the out buildings. And with any old buildings, the upkeep and maintenance costs are significant. You can make a donation to our general restoration and maintenance fund, or make a gift to a specific project or item below.

photo of basement fuel tanks
Gift of $250.00

Heat! We have twin 270 gallon tanks at P-S House. Our Fall 2014 fill up was 279 gallons for $932.01. Projected annual cost $4,500.

photo of basement wall after stones have been pointed
Gift of $75.00

Pointing and Masonry Work We still have a lot of stonework that requires pointing and other repairs. The rate for masons is approximately $75 per hour.

Space Heaters
Gift of $100.00

Ceramic Heaters we keep the thermostat low to save oil and use these small heaters in the working and living spaces of the Penrose Strawbridge House

Snow Plow
photo of John Deere tractor with snow plow attachment
Gift of $340.00

Snow plow attachment for our John Deere 155c riding mower. The last few winters have been tough with a 300 yard driveway

plow purchase $340 or donate a used plow

Chain Saw
photo of Stihl 271 Chain Saw
Gift of $430.00

Stihl 271 Farm Chainsaw - you'd be surprised how handy a chain saw is here at the farm.

photo of Paint Brushes
Gift of $25.00

Tools for restoration work (scrapers, paint brushes, plaster, special paint to maintain historicity (interior and exterior), ladders, adjustable beam supports, sand paper, steel wool, retractable knives, etc…

Gift card at Lowe’s or Home Depot in the amounts of $25, $50, $100 - donation of items - or cash gift

Office Electronics new laptop computer $800, printer $150, and photo copier for office and promotional needs, about $800.

Library Shelving & Displays, from $300 to $2000. We are planning a museum opening.

view of 2 workers repairing plaster in Penrose Living Room
Gift of $100.00

Kitchen Plaster Restoration the 1839 Kitchen in the Penrose Strawbridge House is the last remaining room to be restored in the house. One of the bigger jobs in this room is plastering the walls and ceilings. We estimate this project at $5,000.

Picnic Table
photo of Picnic Table
Gift of $200.00

Wooden Picnic Tables wooden picnic benches, tables, chairs, & umbrellas for our picnics and visitors,

Restore Concord Grape Vines This Project COMPLETED 8/2015


photo of bee hives stacked on floor
Gift of $100.00

Bee Keeping Supplies: hives, protective suits - we have our own honeybees here at the farm and offer fresh, local, organic honey for sale when available.


Pent Roof
photo of Pent Roof Support
Gift of $100.00

Pent Roof Restoration - Western Facade Total project cost $8000 (repair “pent” roof (held up by beam) and of main brick side walk with named bricks in the sidewalk )

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