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Volunteers | Masonry Repairs

Volunteer Project: Masonry Repairs

One of our volunteers in the spring of 2013 just happened to be a mason, so we put him to work

gnome being repaired

First, we got our old friend Rowan the Gnome patched up. Rowan had spent many years in the garden and the weather had done a job on his concrete. Our mason filled in the cracks and fixed his chips, Rowan's long time friend Margi Murphy then gave him a nice new coat of paint.

The fireplace in the bedroom above the Strawbridge Libary also needed some work. The mantle and outside of this fireplace have recently been painted but the masonry inside the fireplace was showing its age.

photo of fireplace before repairs

And, finally, we moved on to the basement where the foundation walls have needed pointing. The house essentially has 3 basements: the oldest under the 1721 room, another under the 1810 addition, and a small one under part of the 1859 kitchen addition. So these walls are all between 140 and 290 years old.

photo of stone wall in basement after being pointed with steel beam across the top

Contact us if you'd like to help out here at the farm. Work can be used for Scouting, School or Work community service requirements, or to meet your obligations with JAD or AARD programs. Contact us for more information.

Rowan the Gnome Being Repaired
Our little gnome has suffered through many a winter but is finally getting a facelift from one of our volunteers
gnome being repaired
Fireplace 2nd Floor Before Repairs
Fireplace on 2nd floor of Penrose Strawbridge House showing cracks in masonry before repairs
photo of fireplace before repairs
Stone Pointing in Basement and Steel Beam
Wall in the basement of the Penrose Strawbridge House which has recently been pointed. The steel beam was added when we began the restoration several years ago. The wall shown is in the front of the house and the sealed up window is below the front porch indicating that the wall and opening were there before the porch was added. The arch under the fireplace is to the left
photo of stone wall in basement after being pointed with steel beam across the top
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