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Volunteer /Community Service

Pete Choate Recognized by Youth Aid Panel

photo of Pete Choate

Pete Choate, Executive Director of HPHA, has been selected by the Montgomery County Youth Aid Panel members and the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office to receive recognition for outstanding service to the Montgomery County Youth Aid Panel program in February, 2015

Volunteers are the Heart of HPHA

The Penrose Strawbridge House is a major historical restoration and maintenance project. A lot of the work to restore the property and maintain it on a day to day basis has been with the help of volunteers.

photo of tilled garden

We are the grateful beneficiaries of around 3,800 volunteer hours each year.

To all those who have helped - Thank You. To all those who may be interested, please keep reading and contact us if you'd like to participate. Your time can count for Scouting, School or Work community service requirements, or to meet your obligations with JAD or AARD programs.

Help Wanted

HPHA is looking for some folks who would like to get involved with the organization. Here are 3 areas where we would like to see some new faces:

Membership committee. This would involve keeping track of members and making sure that dues are paid.

Standard's for Excellence Committee. The Board of Directors is beginning the process of certifying HPHA under PANO's Standards for Excellence, a program that offers tools and resources to empower Community Benefit Organizations (nonprofits) to meet the highest standards of nonprofit governance, management and operations.

Document Preservation Project - we have begun this long-term project in spring 2014 under the direction of our consultant Susan Duhl. We currently have an internship opportunity available for an upper class or masters level student ... more...

Treasurer- looking for someone with an accounting or book-keeping background who can take care of the books for us. Experience with Quickbooks is required.

Please Contact Us if you would like to know more.

Community Service - Volunteer Weekend

The 1st weekend of each month is Community Service Weekend at the Pennrose Strawbridge House. While we welcome volunteers at any time, we set aside this time each month for larger projects where we require a larger number of people.

This type of service may meet the community service requirements for:

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Pete Choate
Pete Choate, Executive Director of HPHA
photo of Pete Choate
Oganic Garden tilled with Volunteers
Getting the garden ready in spring 2013
photo of tilled garden
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