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1718 Samuel Carpenter Indenture

Samuel Carpenter Indenture

HPHA has acquired and restored an original Indenture dated 3 Feb 1718 in which Samuel Carpenter transfers his land holdings in Horsham to his wife and children.

photo of Indenture on display at Horsham Library

This document was included as part of a generous donation by Mr. Joseph H. (Buck) Penrose Jr. HPHA, with generous support from the Friends of the Horsham Library, had the Indenture professionally restored and preserved.

We have not yet had the chance to fully transcribe ( volunteers? ) the document but believe it to be a means of distributing lands owned by Samuel Carpenter's estate to his wife Hannah Carpenter and their children.

{from Wikipedia....} An indenture is a legal contract between two parties, particularly for indentured labour or a term of apprenticeship but also for certain land transactions. The term comes from the medieval English "indenture of retainer" — a legal contract written in duplicate on the same sheet, with the copies separated by cutting along a jagged (toothed, hence the term "indenture") line so that the teeth of the two parts could later be refitted to confirm authenticity. Each party to the deed would then retain a part. When the agreement was made before a court of law a tripartite indenture was made, with the third piece kept at the court. The term is used for any kind of deed executed by more than one party, in contrast to a deed poll which is made by one individual. In the case of bonds, the indenture shows the pledge, promises, representations and covenants of the issuing party.

This Indenture shows the indented edge along the top, and along the bottom the signatures and wax seals of each party.

This is a rare find and a fascinating piece of local history. It is currently on display at the Penrose-Strawbridge House.

Samuel Carpenter Indenture on Display
restored original indenture date 3 feb 1718 transferring Samuel Carpenter's land holdings in Horsham to his wife and children. Donated to HPHA by Joseph H (Buck) Penrose Jr
photo of Indenture on display at Horsham Library
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