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For Sale | 1938 Standard 2 Cylinder Cultivator

1938 Standard Cultivator
photo of 1938c Standard Cultivator from the Back
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HPHA has a 1938 Standard 2 Cylinder Cultivator for sale. This piece of equipment is one of several that were donated to HPHA by Liberty Properties Trust.

from web.mst.edu/~markb/twin_page.html

"...very little is known about the Standard Engine Company. It is known, however, that they operated out of Minneapolis from sometime in the 1920’s until sometime in the 1950’s. Also, just to add to the confusion, the company was called the Standard Engine Company, but produced garden tractors. Of course, all of the high production Standard tractors were built using integrated engines built by Standard, but still, it seems likely that the company may have earlier been involved in stationary engines. It also appears that the company maintained, at least at one point, warehouses of tractor parts in New York City and Philadelphia.

Standard's earliest tractors were primitive at best. They used an open chain drive, and a motor cycle engine. From this they advanced to an open gear drive tractor. Clearly, these were not going to dominate the market, so new designs were developed. These later designs are ones which some small amount of data still exists.

The Standard Engine Company broke into the enclosed running gear type of 2 wheel garden tractor line with a single cylinder model known as the Standard. This model was active in 1931 according to advertising of the time. The Standard had 32 inch steel wheels, spur gear drive, a ratcheting drive axle, and wood handles. Early units used battery and coil ignition as standard, magnito ignition may have been an option on later units. The engine was started by inserting the crank (a really long crank) into the engine through the wheel. This was required because the engine crankshaft was arranged perpendicular to the tractor's line of travel."

This guy has obviously worked some fields but would be a cool restoration project. It does not fit into the time frame of our restoration so if you would like more information or would be interested in purchasing it, please contact us!

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