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1845 Paul Indenture

1845 Paul Indenture

This 1845 Indenture records the sale of land in Harrington, Bucks County by Lukens Paul and Hannah his wife and Joseph Paul of Horsham township to Joseph Brown, a Philadelphia merchant.

photo of 1845 Paul Indenture

This document was included as part of a generous donation by Mr. Joseph H. (Buck) Penrose Jr.

HPHA has the Indenture recording this transaction. A transcription of this Indenture follows:


Bucks County SS

Entered and recorded in the Recorders Offices of said county in Deed Book No. 70 page 190 de Witness my hand and seal of Office at Doylestown August 25th 1845 :

R Stovebacke Rev {signature}


This Indenture Made the twenty fifth day of August in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and forty five. Between Lukens Paul and Hannah his wife and Joseph Paul of Horsham township in the county of Montgomery and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of the one part And Joseph Brown of the City of Philadelphia merchant of the other part Whereas John Bramford by Indenture dated the Seventeenth day of June Anne Domini one thousand eight hundred and fifteen and recorded in The Office for recording of Deeds in and for the country of Bucks in the State aforesaid in Deed Book No.49 page 319 granted and confirmed unto yeomans Paul the late Father of the said Lukens paul and Joseph Paul in fee a certain Lot or piece of land therein described Situate in the township of Harrington in the said county of Bucks and said to contain Ten acres and sixty perches of land: And the said Yeomans Paul dieing Intestate and so as aforesaid seized in his demise his demesne as of fee of and in the said lot or piece of land the same by the Laws of Pennsylvania relating to Intestate Estate did descend and come to the said Lukens Paul and Joseph Paul as the Children of the said Intestate.Now this Indenture Winesseth that the said Lukens Paul and Hannah his wife and the Joseph Paul for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred and fifty dollars lawful money of the United States to them well and truly paid by the said Joseph Brown at and immediately before the sealing and delivery hereof the receipt where of they do hereby acknowledge and there of and therefore do acquit and for ever discharge the said Joseph Brown his Heirs Executors and Administrators by these presents have granted bargained, sold, released, and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell and confirm unto the said Joseph Brown and to his Heirs and Assigns all that the above mentioned Lot on piece of Land according to a re-survey thereof recently made bounded and described as follows to wit Beginning a post of corner of Benjamin Hough’s land in a line of William Browns land thence extending by the said Hough’s land north thirty one degrees and a half East twenty nine perches to a stake and thence by the said Hough’s land North eighty eight degrees and a quarter East eighty three perches and four tenths of a perch to a post on the East side of the Turnpike road and thence extending by land of William Brown the three next following courses and distances to wit South forty two degrees West thirty three perches and one lenth to a post thence North forty six degrees and three quarters West ten perches to a marked Maple tree and thence South Eighty two degrees West Sixty nine perches and eight lenths to the place of Beginning Containing Ten acres and forty eight perches of land. Together with all and singular the Improvements ways waters Water courses rights liberties privileges Hereditaments and and Appurtenance whatsoever of them the said Lukens Paul and Hannah his wife and Joseph Paul of in or to the same in Law and Equity or otherrso howsoever. To have and to hold the said described lot or pieces of land Hereditaments and premises hereby granted or mentioned or intended so to be with the Appurtenances unto the said Joseph Brown and his Heirs and Assign

Received on the day of the Duke of the above willen Indenture of the above named Joseph Brown the Sum of Two hundred and fifty dollars lawful money of the United States it being the above mentioned consideration money in full. Received by us.

{The following appears at the bottom left of the document}

Sealed and delivered in the presence of:

{Signatures of: }Nemith Song, George Brown, Bucks County Ss. {Nemith Song and George Brown signatures again next to it.}

{The following appears at the bottom right of the document}

{Signatures of: } Lukens Paul, Hannah S Paul, and Joseph Paul.

{Lukens Paul and Joseph Paul signatures again next to it. }

{The following appears at the bottom center of the document}

Be it remembered that on the Twenty fifth day of August Anne Domini One thousand eight hundred and forty five Before me the Lueksheiber One of the Justices of the Peach in and for the county of Bucks came the above named Lukens Paul and Hannah his wife and Joseph Paul and Severally acknowledged the above written Indenture to be their act and deed and desired the same might be recorded as such according to the Law: The said Hannah being of full age and by me duly examined Separate and apart by her said Husband and the contents coercion or compulsion of her said Husband. In testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and Seal The day and year above written.

{Signature is indecipherable}

1845 Paul Indenture
photo of 1845 Indenture between Paul family and Joseph Brown for land in Bucks County PA. Donated to HPHA by Joseph H (Buck) Penrose Jr
photo of 1845 Paul Indenture
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